Professional | ~5 hr.

Modeling and System Design Techniques for Electrical Design

Course | Skill builder
Improve the speed and quality of your electrical design projects.


Get electrical design skills to solve real-world challenges using Revit. Learn the workflows and modeling standards to manage electrical circuits, panel schedules, light sources, system connectors, and electrical systems. Drive design decisions using a range of tools to visualize data and monitor ongoing changes in electrical distribution and lighting levels.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create electrical circuits and monitor wire sizing by creating custom schedules.
  • Use customized panel schedules to manage electrical distribution.
  • Create industry-standard, custom content for improved electrical layouts and annotation.
  • Configure electrical connectors and light sources.
  • Add connectors for cable trays and conduit.
  • Create systems and networks to validate connector configurations.
  • Use filters, spaces, and custom tags to monitor ongoing changes in electrical distribution and lighting levels.

Course modules

~2 min.
Getting started

Getting started

~45 min.
Circuits and wiring

Learn how to create an electrical circuit.

~50 min.
Advanced electrical modeling options

Learn how to create a new panel schedule template by duplicating and editing an existing template. Create a hierarchy of electrical equipment that can connect through a circuit breaker or a feedthrough lug.

~45 min.
Custom family editing for electrical layouts

Get more out of your content and improve overall project workflow by effectively using families in Revit.

~55 min.
System connectors in electrical modeling

System connectors are critical because they determine the type of systems used in a project. Discover how to use system connectors and configurations for a range of elements in an electrical system.

~40 min.
Electrical model design data

Easily read your system properties in Revit. Learn the most effective ways to review information by selecting relevant sections of a network.

~30 min.
Annotations for electrical design

Improve electrical layout visualizations with annotation. Learn how to add basic or custom annotations to meet your project needs.

~45 min.
Course challenge exercise

Course challenge exercise

~20 min.
Final test

Final test

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