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Welcome to Families and Parameters for Architectural Design. Revit offers a large number of general families to support project development in an early stage of design. This course has been developed to give you the required skills to create relevant, real-world families to support your future projects. This course is ideal for those that are already familiar with the fundamentals of Revit and wish to progress on to the creation of custom Revit content. 

The course begins with an overview of each type of family and how to set up reference planes and parameters to control your parametric geometry. You examine the solid range of modeling tools to help with the creation of your geometry. Parameters are fully explored and you investigate the use of shared parameters to utilize the full potential of Revit scheduling and tagging capabilities. Throughout the course you’ll build architectural content such as furniture, doors, and fixture families, with a focus on modularization and efficiency. 

You’ll also investigate how to use detail components within your architectural families to increase the performance when creating construction documentation.  

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to try practice and challenge exercises to test and measure your newly acquired skills. Additionally, a series of multiple-choice questions will probe your knowledge and help keep your learning on track. 

So why not start your course today and continue your journey in family creation. The skills and processes you learn will undoubtably increase your quality and efficiency while working in Revit.

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