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Course overview

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Know when to use the right tool to create graphical and data-rich civil drawings. Learn how to create surfaces from a variety of data points, including boundaries, contours, and elevations. Create existing ground surfaces, work with different surface build options and surface styles, apply surface labels, and add boundaries. Focus on detailed design for corridor surfaces, including cut and fill analysis, before you create feature lines, sites, and grading groups. You’ll wrap up by creating a finished ground surface. 

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:   

  • Understand surface objects and create surfaces from a variety of data. 
  • Add breaklines to a surface. 
  • Apply surface build options and surface styles. 
  • Analyze surfaces. 
  • Apply surface labels and boundaries. 
  • Create data shortcuts from surfaces. 
  • Create corridor surfaces. 
  • Perform a cut and fill analysis. 
  • Create and edit feature lines. 
  • Create a site and grading group for a building pad and retention pond. 
  • Calculate cut and fill volumes. 
  • Create a finished ground surface from existing ground, corridor surfaces, and grading group surfaces. 
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