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Course overview

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As urban and residential areas grow, so do challenges in addressing the layouts and configurations for modern, sustainable design. Get the tools you need to optimize your road designs for efficiency and safety, while minimizing project costs. Learn how to create alignments and edit their geometry, then apply alignment styles, labels, and tables to your designs. Once the road route is established, learn the recommended workflows to create and work with profiles in Civil 3D, including specifying design criteria and creating the design profile.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to: 

  • Create alignments from objects, external references (xrefs), and layouts. 
  • Edit alignments and apply alignment styles, labels, label sets, and tables. 
  • Create a surface profile and profile view. 
  • Create profile checks and check sets. 
  • Create and edit a design profile and profile style. 
  • Modify profile view styles, add profile view bands, and create a band set. 
  • Create and modify offset alignments. 
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