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Professional | ~56 min.
The application environment
Module | Skill builder

The drafting environment and drawing files constitute the framework for technical projects in AutoCAD, so managing them correctly is important. This course focuses on various methods of customizing and saving your working environment and the key elements that compose your drawing files, including layers, blocks, and drawing layouts. Being comfortable in your AutoCAD session and having all your favorite tools readily available is essential to your productivity. This module covers the best practices and methods of customizing your work environment to keep you at peak efficiency. 

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Create and save a workspace.
  • Manage the display states of the ribbon.
  • Manage the contents of the Quick Access toolbar.
  • Understand common palette interface behaviors.
  • Customize the content visible on the status bar.
  • Up next:Create, save, and restore workspaces

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