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Course overview

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Drawing files and your working environment are the frameworks for technical projects. Learn how to manage these critical files and processes and understand their key components, including layers, drawing layouts, workspaces, and sheet sets. Once you know how to create and manage file details, you’ll discover how to handle potential file corruption and backup retrieval, export using eTransmit, leverage existing data, and collaborate across teams. Get the course resources to practice on your own and use the recommended workflows in your own projects.

After completing this course, you'll be able to: 

  • Work with workspaces and customize your environment.
  • Create and manage layers in files for greater consistency and efficiency.
  • Create and use the Sheet Set Manager, modify its properties, and manage publishing.
  • Create simple blocks, make new files with WBLOCK, and manage block libraries in the Blocks Palette. 
  • Address file corruption issues, recover files, and use Audit, Purge, and the Drawing Recovery Manager.
  • Collaborate with others using eTransmit, DWG Compare and Xref Compare, and cloud-based coordination tools.
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