Exclusive Webinar for Alfa Laval on April 28th at 4 p.m. CEST

Unleash the power of Digital Twin

Learn how digital twin enables next-gen factory automation in this webinar,presented by Autodesk and Moicon exclusively for Alfa Laval

How Moicon uses Autodesk Forge to "Rethink the Factory Floor"

Manufacturing companies across a variety of industries struggle to analyze end-to-end building and factory performance data alongside maintenance tasks and issue reporting, all of which are typically housed in multiple systems and formats.


Torbjørn Grimstad, CEO at Moicon will share in our webinar how they use the Forge platform to create Digital Twins of factories and other facilities by connecting 3D-models, facility management information and IoT-data, together in dynamic 3D representations of building and factory floors. 

Image courtesy of Moicon

Our Experts

Shakeel Mirza

Sr. Business Development Manager, Autodesk

Torbjørn Grimstad

CEO, Moicon

The Benefits of using a Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital Twin is an up-to-date, digital representation of an object or system with contextual and operational awareness. It mirrors real-world systems through their visual representations along with their physical behavior.

The visual representation typically comes from design data (CAD or BIM) or other sources, such as photogrammetry, laser scans and even schematics. The physical behavior can be covered through operational data pulled in live from sensors, predicted using mathematical models, or a mix of both. Depending on the expected use cases of the Digital Twin, other data sources (such as ERP, CMMS and MES) can be accessed via the same Digital Twin. In its most mature form, a Digital Twin hence should give seamless access to any information pertaining to the asset represented therein.


Benefits of a Digital Twin

The Benefits of using a Digital Twin

Accelerating the decision-making process for higher asset utilization

The foundational idea of Digital Twin is to reduce the time spent on finding information and to extract insights in an interactive and automated manner. Three main benefits of Digital Twin can be summarized under the headings of time reduction, embedding “expert knowledge” for new workers and digitalizing the users interactions amongst each other and with the physical asset.

As evident from the above definition, connecting different information and corporate silos is one of the biggest value propositions of a Digital Twin. Timely, actionable insights to act upon, ease of collaboration and automation of processes through a Digital Twin platform can radically reduce the time spent by a collaborative worker, which makes up almost 60% of a collaborative worker’s time as stated by a McKinsey report.

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