Customer impact at the forefront of decision making

Rapidly resolve water network incidences and minimize customer impact with an operational digital twin.

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Have visibility and know the impact

Levels of service and quality of customer experience are dramatically impacted when network incidences remain unresolved within a water utility. Connect analytics and modeling within a simple workflow to provide visibility where you don't have sensors and to derive optimal action plans and outcomes based on maintaining impact to your customers.

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Confidently confront your network incidences

Deploy a cloud based incident management solution with designed workflows for operations, response teams, network managers and customer service resources to be aware, make sense and optimally act on network incidences cohesively as a team and water organization.

Articulate your actions

Decisively act towards resolution with a timeline view to manage customer complaints, site investigations, sensor alarms, operator notes, and other data points associated to an incident in a single integrated view.

Identify an incident before your customer

Have deeper awareness of system anomalies and know an event’s significance with advanced in-built, user built analytics and alarming – all within unified workspaces.

Assess the actual impact

Accurately identify an incident's impact to individual customers, minimize downtime and effectively communicate with customers time to resolution within incident management workflows.

Scenario plan optimal outcomes

Alleviate consequence of network incidences and outages by deploying simulation generation with what-if scenarios for outage management enabling you to optimize an action plan by comparing multiple outcomes.

Deliver better service to your customers

As a workflow cloud-based solution, Info360 Insight enables water and wastewater utilities to understand operational performance with business intelligence and quickly identify incidents in their system, check multiple resolution scenarios, and apply recommended actions to rapidly resolve system failures.

Your digital transformation is within reach

Operational analytics, artificial intelligence, and the application of machine-learning algorithms can now be part of every water utility’s digital journey.

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