Everything you need to know about the Vault Mobile app

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You’ll learn how to get started with the Vault mobile app and begin using it to:

  • Take your design data with you on the go
  • Search and view 2D/3D designs
  • Review, approve, and sign documents
  • Perform QR, barcode, simple, and extended searches
  • Create and participate in change orders, and more

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Webinar Q&A

Q. How do I access the mobile app?

A. Yes, you can generate links within the Vault mobile app and send the link right away via email, Slack or any other communication tool. These links will only open the Vault Thick Client to the given dataset.

Q. Does the user need internet access to be able to view CAD files?

A. Yes, internet access is required to view documents that cannot be opened using an app on your device.

Q. Can you generate links in the mobile app to open a given dataset?

A. You can find the Autodesk® Vault mobile app for iPhone and iPad in the Apple app store, or the Google Play store. The mobile app works in conjunction with its companion desktop product, Vault. To use the mobile app, you simply sign in with your Vault account information.

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