Everything You Need to Know About the Vault Mobile App

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Need to access data on the go? Now you can.

The Vault mobile app makes it easier to stay up to date on your projects and collaborate with others when you’re away from your desktop computer. Find out how the app will give you the flexibility to work with your vaulted design and engineering data anytime, anywhere.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to get started with the Vault mobile app and begin using it to: 

  • Take your design data with you on the go  
  • Search and view 2D/3D designs  
  • Review, approve, and sign documents 
  • Perform QR, barcode, simple, and extended searches 
  • Create and participate in change orders, and more 

Hear from an expert

Irvin is a Product Manager on the Autodesk Vault team based in Novi, Michigan. He has worked at Autodesk for eleven years starting in product support and as a user experience designer. Irvin is a Microsoft® Certified Professional and has been working in the information technology field for more than 27 years. He helps partners, consulting, and sales develop Vault deployment plans in enterprise environments and system requirements. You can find multiple classes Irvin has presented at Autodesk University, on a wide range of Vault topics. Irvin is a technology geek and loves sharing with the community on Twitter (@ihayesjr).

Irvin Hayes

Vault Product Manager, Autodesk

Watch the webinar now to discover what you can do with the new Vault mobile app.

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