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Using PLM for Current Supplier Information at Your Fingertips

Supplier Collaboration is better with Autodesk PLM

Learn how to better collaborate with suppliers

Watch the webinar to learn how using a product lifecycle management (PLM) system organizes the most up to date supplier information centrally so you always have it, with such capabilities as:

  • Integration with your CRM and ERP systems to use enterprise information
  • Auditing suppliers and keeping a “Do Not Use” list to avoid future issues
  • Linking suppliers to your Bill of Materials to ensure compliance standards
  • Tracking compliance to regulations such as RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals, and ISO9000
  • Secure supplier participation in the procurement process

Frequently asked questions

You can set up time-based notifications for when suppliers need to be reviewed and track their status.

There are third-party licenses that can be used for suppliers/contract manufacturers outside of the company to review information the company makes available to them. This allows them to collaborate in the RFQ process.

On an item in the Approved Manufacturer Part section you can easily designate if a manufacturer is preferred.

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