Using PLM for Current Supplier Information at Your Fingertips

Watch the Webinar

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Your new product is ready to go into production. The clock is ticking. You have a list of preferred vendors, suppliers, and distributors. How do you choose? Relying on tribal knowledge or digging through emails for preferred suppliers can jeopardize product quality and waste precious time.

Join us to learn how using a product lifecycle management (PLM) system organizes the most up to date supplier information centrally so you always have it, with such capabilities as:

  • Integration with your CRM and ERP systems to use enterprise information
  • Auditing suppliers and keeping a “Do Not Use” list to avoid future issues
  • Linking suppliers to your Bill of Materials to ensure compliance standards
  • Tracking compliance to regulations such as RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals, and ISO9000
  • Secure supplier participation in the procurement process

Hear from an Expert

Brian Schanen works for Autodesk, Inc., as a PLM/PDM Readiness Program Manager in the Business Strategy & Marketing division. He is responsible for global technical and sales enablement focused on PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and PDM (Product Data Management) and the design, creation, implementation, and delivery of PLM/PDM-based curriculum, technical and sales tools, live events, and assets. With 18 years of PDM and PLM experience, he is a seasoned speaker, presenting at events such as Autodesk University, One Team conferences, and extensions. On any given day, you can find him coaching internal teams, prospects, mentoring new customers, and even assisting in deployments of Autodesk PLM/PDM software.

Brian Schanen

PLM/PDM Readiness Program Manager, Autodesk