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Bringing New Products to Market Faster with PLM

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New Product Introduction is better with Autodesk PLM

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Learn a better NPI process

Watch the webinar to learn how companies are using PLM to remove inefficiencies that stand in the way of bringing new products to market on time and on budget, including:

  • Configurable NPI/NPD project templates that standardize deliverables and tasks
  • Phase-gate milestone tracking to foresee delays and make corrections
  • Real-time views of development status and reporting functions
  • Insights into your company's product portfolio

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can create personalized graphical dashboards to monitor real-time status and trends of your NPI activities, as well as export reports, tables, and any view of the data that you need.

Using spreadsheets creates disparate silos of information and can’t be referenced when needed. Using a system with built-in NPI workflows and process management ensures your information is available to those who need it, which speeds things up and prevents errors.

NPI templates help you set up real-time process workflows to manage the progress of each task, and track stage-gate milestones easily and visually all in one system. You can see where potential delays could happen and fix them before they impact your overall schedule.

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