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Managing Your Bills of Materials with Autodesk PLM

BOM management is better with Autodesk PLM

Learn how to better manage your bill of materials

During this webinar, you will learn how you can use PLM to:

  • Configure, manage, and share up-to-date BOMs across your organization
  • Compare different BOMs interactively with visual redlines to see changes
  • Include suppliers and customers in specific workflows for collaboration
  • Manage supplier qualification and approved supplier parts (AML/AVL)
  • Release your drawings to manufacturing with metadata

Manage your Bill of Materials - Autodesk

At the core of this discussion is the difference between the engineering BOM (EBOM) and the manufacturing BOM (MBOM)—while the former is organized based on how a product is designed, the latter needs to include all the necessary information about the assembly. If it’s in the box that’s sent to the customer, it needs to be represented in the MBOM, and this includes off-the-shelf parts, product manuals, software, and anything used in the assembly process.

There are robust access controls available to assist – you can control access at the site/workspace/record/section level.

You can increase your productivity with better BOM management in many ways. Watch the webinar to learn more.

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