Level up supply chain collaboration with Upchain Cloud PDM

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Fuel collaboration with a single source of truth—integrated into your workflow

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Today’s supply chain landscape

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are under pressure like never before—and that pressure is being felt throughout their entire supply chain.

Since the pandemic took its toll on global supply chains, product design and manufacturing has adapted to the ‘New Normal’. But that doesn’t mean issues related to data sharing and collaboration have gone away. Nor have other issues that surfaced during the pandemic. In reality, though, many of the industry’s obstacles aren’t new ones—they’ve simply been magnified by recent events.

Addressing these challenges, whether long-standing or recently emerging, can only really be achieved by reinventing the way we work.

Re-thinking stakeholder communication

From vendors and distributors to manufacturers and external collaborators – working in tandem, with one single source of truth has become a key part of supply chain collaboration.

We believe that, with effective product lifecycle management systems, you’ll be able to overcome barriers, connect stakeholders and break down information silos. It’s simply a question of how…