Three ways to speed up product development with multi-CAD cloud PLM

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Bring data, people, and processes together across your organization and supply chain

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Connecting your data

When designing a physical product, dealing with suppliers is a must. But there can be many of them, each with their own CAD (computeraided design) software. Working with different software, translating data, and relying on outdated communication processes can lead to confusion, data loss, and delays.

Autodesk provides a cloud-based Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system—all in one.

With multi-CAD integration, you can leverage native workflows with every major CAD system, and work through open APIs with the rest. Autodesk PLM can consolidate data from all the CAD systems you and your suppliers use to turn it into a central source of truth. Plus, it can automatically generate your Bill of Materials (BOM), compiling data from all your CAD systems.

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