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Improve stormwater and wastewater planning and management with InfoWorks ICM.

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Meet InfoWorks ICM

InfoWorks ICM is advanced integrated catchment modeling software for modeling complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively for water and wastewater.

With InfoWorks ICM, you can:

  • Plan for capacity improvements, system expansions, and emergency scenarios
  • Deliver easy-to-interpret visual results
  • Accommodate small municipalities and large enterprise organizations

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With over 30 years of investment in creating innovative software intended to protect the environment and communities, InfoWorks ICM is trusted by thousands of stormwater and wastewater professionals worldwide.

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What customers are saying about InfoWorks ICM

  • “ Our design teams have found a lot of value in having InfoWorks ICM run​ varying flow patterns. It provides verification of what they’re doing with​ strong insight and low effort to ensure positive impacts are being made”. 

    – Steven Rhodes​, PE Asset Management & Modeling Engineering, Freese and Nichols 

  • “To be able to meet our project objectives at an optimum cost gives us confidence that we can keep our waters clean, service reliable, and budgets sound. With the successful results generated from the Lakeview sewer shed, SD1 has deployed the same solution framework throughout the rest of their wastewater network – with the goal of achieving similar cost savings”.

    – Adam Chaney, Executive Director, Sanitation District No.1

  • “InfoWorks ICM shows where everything is in the catchment. It can be difficult to visualize the full picture, but InfoWorks ICM was very useful for me to see the flood risk in the catchment. The tools to customize scripts made my work really fast and efficient. The work we undertook has shown that we were justified in using the best modelling tools to get the best result.”

    – Ruchi Sayal, Hydraulic Modeler Atkins, United Kingdom