How smart is your plant?

A little intelligence can make a huge difference to treatment plant operations. Read our ebook "The six stages of treatment plant intelligence" to find out what digitized operations can do and how every plant can benefit.

Nobody knows your water plant better than you.

Info360 Plant is a cloud-based operational analytics tool designed to help you improve water plant performance, compliance, and improvement planning. Switch seamlessly between data visualization and analysis in easy-to-use dashboards to make better-informed decisions that reduce risk and enhance your level of service.

Smart plants save time, money, and resources

Monitor and predict

Enable always-on measurements to build a historical record that drastically simplifies compliance, evaluates trends, and creates accurate forecast models.

Eliminate busy work

Use collective intelligence to vastly speed your root-cause analyses and make workflows that auto-generate process reviews, energy audits, and compliance reports.

Optimize operations

Create a knowledge base that draws on operator best practice and rich data that aids management, onboards new staff, and enables maximum efficiency.

Water treatment plant with data overlay

Increase your plant’s intelligence with Info360 Plant

Get advanced treatment plant monitoring, analytics, and automation with a cloud-based platform that teams can access from anywhere they have signal.

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