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For Complex Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing Applications

Run your CNC machines unsupervised and win higher value business

From part programming to CNC machining, take every opportunity to optimize your manufacturing facility and make parts that delight your customers with Autodesk PowerMill® 3- and 5-axis expert CAM software.




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Why PowerMill?

  • Dedicated strategies for 3- and 5-axis additive and subtractive manufacturing
  • Extract the maximum process capability from your CNC machinery
  • Advanced NC program creation, manipulation, and verification tools
  • Complete toolpath control to optimize part quality and accuracy
  • Automatic gouge and collision avoidance for lights-out machining
  • Expert programming options to automate the most complex manufacturing challenges
  • Tried and tested post-processors for old and new manufacturing hardware for seamless connectivity
  • Trusted solution based on 40+ years of manufacturing experience

Be at the forefront of CAM technology

  • Create, control and simulate deposition strategies for high-rate additive manufacturing. Combine subtractive toolpaths for a flexible hybrid manufacturing platform. (video: 2:40 min.)

  • PowerMill setups help you manage workplanes, stock, and clamps on parts machined across multiple operations, making it easier to use different fixture setups, or run batches of the same part. (video: 6:36 min.)

  • PowerMill's Vortex high speed machining strategy now includes a new Vortex From Stock option for more efficient roughing toolpaths and significantly faster cycle times. (video: 1:06 min.)

  • PowerMill 2019 includes a new sides feature that simplifies the process of defining and machining open sided pockets, allowing you to further reduce the time & effort needed to program 2D components. (video: 1:04 min.)

  • PowerMill offers a new automatic tool tilting option to make it easier to produce collision free toolpaths and near misses on 5-axis machines, offering peace-of-mind for lights-out machining. (video: 0:58 min.)

  • Create probing toolpaths to measure parts with spindle mounted touch probes that monitor and measure the accuracy of CNC machined parts, and share your results via Autodesk Drive. (video: 2:07 min.)

PowerMill Case Studies

Delta Technologies

Delta Technologies reveal how they acquired new customers by using Autodesk tools to automate the design and manufacture of electrodes, reducing operator workload, reducing the risk of human error, and minimizing lead times.

IQ Manufacturing

IQ Manufacturing explain how the rib machining strategies in PowerMill enable lights-out CNC machining that enable them to lower cost, and make for happier customers.

PowerMill 2019.1 – Be Amazed

PowerMill 2019.1 also offers a number of unsung performance improvements. If you haven't seen PowerMill 2019.1 in action, then view our recent webinar to discover the enhanced programming tools developed to meet the demands of your most challenging CNC machining applications.

Download a free 30-day trial of PowerMill Ultimate. Access 3- and 5-axis toolpath creation with NC code output.

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