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Autodesk® Revit®

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New to Revit? Welcome! Your trial includes video tutorials to help you build a solid foundation in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Explore fundamentals, sharpen your skills, and take ideas from concept to construction more easily and efficiently.

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  • Understanding Revit Concepts

    3:52 min.

    Get to know Revit's BIM tools and capabilities and how you can put them to use for your projects.

  • Opening a Family File

    3:01 min.

    Learn several ways to open a family file in Revit.

  • Identifying the User Interface Components

    4:04 min.

    Take a look at the Revit graphical user interface—designed to simplify your workflow.

  • Understanding the Project Browser

    5:59 min.

    Use the Project Browser to access views, legends, schedules, quantities, sheets, and more.

  • Understanding the Properties Palette

    4:52 min.

    Work with instance properties of elements and views in the Properties palette.

  • Using the Mouse

    5:38 min.

    See how the mouse works in Revit to accomplish various functions.


  • Understanding Families

    6:13 min.

    Learn about families, family types, element instances, and how to load families into a project.

  • Editing Families Within a Project

    4:27 min.

    Modify instance and type parameters in a project and modify family geometry.

  • Loading Families and Using Type Catalogs

    6:44 min.

    Learn how to load families into a project and use type catalogs to select from numerous family types.

  • Introducing Worksharing Concepts

    6:36 min.

    Understand the concept of worksharing and how it is important to BIM projects.

  • Understanding Parameters

    5:58 min.

    Discover the uses of pre-defined and custom parameters in Revit.

  • Understanding Schedules

    3:36 min.

    Get an introduction to schedules and how they use parameters to report on building elements.