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Autodesk® Revit®


Every project starts with the architect’s vision. But how do you communicate your concepts and design intent with precision? These tutorials will show you how Revit captures and communicates your ideas, so you can bring that vision to life. 

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  • Creating Exterior Building Walls

    7:23 min.

    Start your project by creating exterior walls—the most basic building element done in Revit.

  • Creating Building Core Walls

    7:31 min.

    Build core walls, which are different from interior partitions and exterior walls.

  • Creating Doors

    6:44 min.

    Add doors to your building model after you have created the walls.

Project management

  • Linking Revit Models

    5:21 min.

    Link Revit models to other Revit models, and establish the positioning of the link.

  • Understanding Phase Statuses

    4:25 min.

    Learn how to change the phase status of model elements.

  • Standardizing Annotation

    4:16 min.

    Review how annotations are standardized and used to develop design presentation standards.

Tips & tricks

  • Dimensioning Entire Walls

    4:15 min.

    Find out how to dimension walls by placing entire strings of dimensions at one time.

  • Making Parameters Vary Between Groups

    5:07 min.

    Control instance parameters separately for the elements in a group.

  • Orienting 3D Views to Other Views

    4:30 min.

    Orient 3D views to other views so that you see only the portion of the model you want.

  • Understanding Wall Join Cleanups

    6:50 min.

    Modify layer join conditions by overriding the join condition for individual walls.

  • Creating Multistory Stairs

    2:59 min.

    Create stairs that span across multiple levels for vertical circulation.

  • Placing Rooms Automatically

    4:13 min.

    Learn how to save time by creating rooms at the current level automatically.