End the great document shuffle on your biggest projects

PDFs introduce so many challenges when it comes to managing your largest projects and present many opportunities for costly mistakes. Fortunately, there is a better way with Autodesk BIM Collaborate.

How POLO Architects cut mistakes and review times by 50%

Prior to adopting Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, Polo Architect's clients would often make remarks by hand on a printout, and these would need to be transferred to Revit. Or someone would take notes in a meeting and incorporate them into the model later, with potential omissions or misunderstandings. See how they ended the great document shuffle and increased transparency on their projects.

Why Autodesk is different

Your PDF management and markup tools were never designed for the needs of your largest projects.

Reduce lost time caused by the endless movement of documents, while also increasing security

Constantly moving documents from one network to another creates security and file corruption challenges that can be costly to your business. Autodesk BIM Collaborate allows you to easily review documents in a web browser without having to download a PDF. You can quickly make changes or resolve any issues to keep your project moving forward.

Know when and where your documents were changed, and by who

Downloading and uploading sets of PDFs makes it nearly impossible to track changes or control access. Autodesk BIM Collaborate has a robust set of access controls that allow you to secure access to relevant data and know who is making changes. You can also understand how these changes across disciplines affect planned work. 

Have a single source of truth from project kickoff to final handover

Having all your project data on a single platform ensures you have better information that enables you to make better project decisions. It also means you do not need to wait for milestone reviews to resolve design issues. Autodesk BIM Collaborate allows you to house all your project data in a unified solution which creates better construction documentation and reduces rework, RFIs, and change orders. 

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Autodesk Collaboration Solutions can help ensure you have a single source of truth throughout the project lifecycle, while also securing your documents and reducing rework due to corrupted files. 

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