3ds Max and Maya

Bring your AAA-game

Keep pace with demand for high-quality games using powerful next-gen tools in 3ds Max and Maya.

Image courtesy of Samuel Metivier

Transform your creative journey

Studios are under pressure to produce quality content, fast. Powerful next-gen tools can help you meet these demands efficiently and with greater collaboration–unlocking remarkable business growth. Accelerate the pipeline, shorten delivery time, and reduce costs with a modern toolset.

Image courtesy of Carlos Soares

Lead your studio into the future

The right set of tools is vital to keeping pipelines on track. Read this e-book to learn how:

  • 3ds Max and Maya accelerate creative workflows 
  • Open standards unlock new levels of collaboration
  • Procedural workflows reduce friction and accelerate pipeline efficiency

Powerful creation tools for studios

Expansive worldbuilding with 3ds Max

From rich wood surfaces to soft fabrics and lush greenery, 3ds Max offers a flexible toolset for easily modeling and texturing environments and props down to the finest details.

Image courtesy of Daniel Cormino

Complex character creation with Maya

Whether you’re creating realistic digi-doubles or lovable cartoon characters, Maya offers you a robust toolset for shaping, grooming, and bringing your characters from concept to reality.

Image courtesy of Carlos Soares

Benefits of accelerated workflows in 3ds Max and Maya

  • Grow your business

    Bring your studio to new heights by staying ahead of industry trends and innovative technologies.

  • Achieve creative excellence

    Empower artists to raise the bar of creativity to deliver the highest quality production values that keep clients returning.

  • Unleash technical prowess

    Cement your studio’s technical reputation so you can hire the best artists for the job.

See how people are using 3ds Max and Maya


    Building emotional connections

    Star Trek Online uses modular modeling and unwrapping techniques in 3ds Max to create detailed, customizable spacecrafts that keep fans coming back.

    Image courtesy of Cryptic Studios

  • Axis Studios

    Imagining the behemoths

    Seamless interoperability in Maya helped Axis Studios bring fans' beloved characters back to life for Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths. 

    Image courtesy of Axis Studios

  • Black Mesa

    Recreating Xen for the next gen

    The extensive third-party plugin library in 3ds Max helped Black Mesa improve workflows and reimagine the iconic game Xen.

    Image courtesy of Black Mesa

Create living, breathing worlds with a next-gen toolset

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