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Flame Premium enhances integration and flexibility

Founded by director, producer, digital artist, and owner Ben Murray in 2010, The Room is a boutique finishing facility with a distinguished history of helping to create independent films, long-form television, documentaries, commercials, and other projects requiring a high degree of personalized attention. Working in partnership with Technicolor – PostWorks and sharing that company’s distinctive space in New York City, The Room is actually three rooms, each equipped with Autodesk® Flame® Premium software.

Murray has been using – and following the evolution of – Autodesk software since getting his start in 2001. He has also been an outspoken advocate of the continued integration of features and toolsets into Flame Premium. The Room follows a similar philosophy of integration in the services it offers, striving for maximum flexibility to provide the widest variety of parallel services to its clients, all under one roof. By enabling the three suites to function both independently and simultaneously, the comprehensive toolset in Flame Premium is fostering more efficient workflows, and enables The Room to offer new services to a growing roster of clients.


The Room opened its doors in 2010 equipped with Autodesk® Smoke® and Autodesk® Lustre® software. Before long, the powerful capabilities of both systems were being effectively integrated with the legendary Flame toolset in Flame Premium, and Murray could see a whole new level of flexibility and productivity emerging. Today, The Room uses its three licenses of Flame Premium to offer complete visual effects, conform, color, and finishing services – even in uncompressed 4K -- all under one roof and in one software package.

The ability to do all they need to do entirely within Flame Premium has helped the entire creative team at The Room to work more efficiently and in parallel, eliminating the need to send services out of house. For instance, while one artist is conforming, he or she can also be receiving notes from an ongoing color session and seamlessly feeding them to the colorist. This kind of parallel workflow has resulted in faster turnarounds, and clients have been impressed.


Incorporating Autodesk® Flame® Assist software into The Room’s workflow has helped save time and money, freeing up senior digital artists and enabling junior visual effects artists to learn more about their craft. When The Room was working on the recent feature film The Giver, they encountered a multitude of RGB mattes, some of which involved as many as nine different matte passes. Rather than have a senior colorist spend time culling through the passes to find the right one, a junior artist was able to use Flame Assist to locate the correct passes and then send them to the colorist in real time.

“At The Room, we’re all about integrating our work in color, conform, and effects, and a big part of our philosophy of integration is keeping it all together in Flame Premium. Using our Flame Premium systems in concert with one another, we can dedicate as much time and talent to a job as is required at a particular moment. As a result, we’ve been able to do a lot more work than I ever expected.”

Benjamin Murray, Owner, The Room

“Flame Assist provided a perfect method for enabling conforming to be performed in an unsupervised room, and then sent in real time to our colorist. When we were working on The Giver, we had RGB mattes with as many as nine different matte passes. Instead of having the colorist spending valuable time hunting around for the correct mattes, we were able to offload that work and put things together in Flame Assist before sending it to the colorist for work in Lustre.”

Benjamin Murray, Owner, The Room