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Using Flame Premium as an extension of their creative selves

An independent creative post production studio, Serena Digital was founded in Madrid in 2002 and opened an office in Dubai in 2012. With a passion for new technologies, Serena provides advanced visual effects, color, sound, design, digital and distribution services to high-profile advertising, television, and music projects.

Autodesk® Flame® software has been at the heart of Serena Digital’s workflow since they first opened their doors in 2002, and they see the flexibility that Autodesk® Flame® Premium 2015 software offers as key to their ongoing success.


The evolution of the Flame workflow – together with new artist-driven tools such as Matchbox, Action Surfaces, Action Gmasks, Action 3D Models, and the Replica Node – means that Serena’s artists now have more creative flexibility and can work faster.

Flame Premium’s Timeline means Serena are achieving the story-centric workflows they’ve always craved, and the Archive module has proved to be an invaluable organizational tool.



With the integration of Autodesk® Flare™ software, Serena are now using Flare to prepare tasks for completion in Flame, as well as using it as a standalone behind-the-scenes visual effects station.

They’re looking forward to integrating and using Autodesk® Flame® Assist software for more collaborative work, especially for conforming, versioning, and creating workspaces for more complex visual effects. They also see Flare and Flame Assist as effective training tools for newer artists and assistants.

“For a business like Serena, being able to use a single application like Flame Premium has provided invaluable opportunities to save time and multiply our production resources, especially during time-sensitive, critical projects. Having a solid, trusted, and safe tool to easily recover media and setups is simply a dream come true.”

“The flexibility provided by Flame Premium is key to Serena’s ongoing success. Flame Premium enables us to fully address and solve just about every challenge imaginable. Being able to quickly transition between the Tools, Conform, Batch, and Timeline modules makes Flame Premium an essential part of our workflow and enables us to successfully complete even our most challenging projects in less time.”

“Flame Premium’s wide range of user-friendly, logically integrated visual effects tools enables Serena’s compositors to use the software as an extension of their creative selves. Whatever tool you need, it is right there, easy to find and ready to be used. All effort and talent is dedicated to creating the best visual effects, and you always know your work is safe.”

Emilio Pérez Barba - Post Production Manager and Senior VFX Compositor, Serena Digital