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Using Flame Premium to expand their service offerings

Driven by a spirit of creative experimentation and close collaboration, Flavor creates visual effects, live action, interactive, and finishing work for commercial advertising clients - including Ford, Mercedes, Arrow Electronics, State Farm, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Stevens Point Brewery. A sister company of the legendary and multifaceted studio Cutters, Flavor is a collective of designers and visual artists with studios in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, New York City and Toyko.

Cutters was one of the first companies to see the potential in what would become Autodesk® Flame® software, and purchased a license back in the mid-1990’s. Since then, Flame has been an integral part of the company’s ever-expanding offerings. Moving to Autodesk® Flame® Premium was a natural choice for Flavor.

Today, Flame Premium’s flexible toolset is helping Flavor to learn new skills, have more efficient workflows and offer new services.


Flame Premium’s integration of the Autodesk® Lustre® real-time color grading toolset means Flavor has been able to expand their services to include high-end color grading for their advertising clients. Though still relative newcomers to the color business, Flavor’s color work has grown so popular that they’ve recently invested in a dedicated color suite.


Incorporating Autodesk® Flame® Assist software in to their workflow helps save time. Junior visual effects artists can quickly pick up Flame Assist, and work on conforms, I/O, post, laying off tapes, and more – increasing his knowledge of Flame Premium while freeing up senior artists to handle other challenging creative tasks.

Flavor is already planning to add Autodesk® Flare™ software to its pipeline to further empower their junior artists.

“Before moving to Flame Premium, we weren’t even offering high-end color services. Once we saw the comprehensive toolset and the immense capabilities of the Lustre functionality, getting into color seemed like a natural move for us. Together with our existing talent and infrastructure, the new tools in Flame Premium presented us with a unique opportunity to expand into the color grading market. It was amazing, but it really seemed like a no-brainer after we saw what we could do.”

Craig Duncan, Executive Producer, Cutters Studios

“All the new tools in Flame Premium have given us much more flexibility. We’re now able to offer a ton of new services that we simply weren’t able to offer before, and color work is just one of them. The latest updates and additions also enable us to use Flame Premium to naturally learn and grow into new skills at our own pace. As artists, it’s always fantastic to have those opportunities.”

Brian Higgins, Creative Director, Flavor