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Connected Collaboration from office to field

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Silos are at thing of the past

Being able to easily collaborate across offices and project stakeholders is critical to your success. It also has many great benefits to help you operate more efficently.

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Improved collaboration

From the meeting room to the mine, Autodesk helps ensure everyone is working off one common data environment. This motivates your team and helps increase the likelihood of a positive project outcomes. Our BIM Collaborate Pro platform enables project management, design reviews and 3D modeling to better communicate your intent to the team in the field.

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Take your data into the field

The loss of data slows down your critical projects down and increases cost. Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro ensures everyone from office to field has the latest information and can make the best decisions. Improved data exchange decreases rework and overall operations cost throughout the life of the project. It also enables you to detect clashes much earlier in the process, before they get out in the field where they are more costly.

Reduced errors and rework

Errors and rework cost you critical time and money. Rework accounts for 10-15% of the average civil construction project budget. Autodesk BIM Collaborate helps you reduce project errors, decrease the volume of RFIs and improve collaborative processes, which will ultimately make your projects more profitable.

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