Design with certainty

Manufacturing Informed Design guides building design decisions to ensure results are known manufacturable — to save time, reduce rework, and accelerate project delivery.

Connecting design and build — from day one

Most architects begin their designs without key details of what can actually be built according to manufacturer capabilities and limitations. Starting from scratch means every detail must be defined every time for every project — the opposite of scale — and leads to costly rework and delays.

The answer is manufacturing-informed design (MID): designing with guidelines defined by known manufacturable building elements (stairs, balconies, modular, etc.) that ensure design choices are validated during building design.

Autodesk’s MID connects design and build from day one, allowing building product manufacturers to define the guidelines for what’s possible with their products — and helping architects to use them to design more quickly and with greater certainty.

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How industrialized construction is helping businesses like yours today

Improving accuracy

Ireland's Vision Built connected prefab manufacturing and design data across Autodesk tools to ensure panels were cut exactly to spec — and reduce waste by 30%.


Accelerating delivery

To construct a new engineering lab at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Gilbane connected prefab suppliers with its designers through Autodesk — and successfully installed the nine-section top floor in a weekend.


Reducing costs

Construction firm Cannistraro leveraged prefab construction — and data sharing in Autodesk — to reduce field hours and save 13% on material costs.


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