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Build your game

The build phase is where you put together everything you’ve created so far. This is where you import all your 3D models into the game engine, lay out levels, script gameplay, and optimize performance.

It’s important to keep testing the game as you build it, to make sure it’s fun to play. Ask people you trust to test your game and give you feedback. The ultimate goal is to make a fun experience that can be shared with other players.

Assemble all aspects of indie game design

Bring all the basic building blocks you’ve made into your game engine, so you can start making your game.

Build levels for your game to keep gameplay challenging and engaging

Build levels
Build your game levels by putting together the pieces you’ve made to create a vibrant and engaging game world.

Gameplay scripting gives life to your game

Script gameplay
Bring your game to life by defining puzzles, interactions, and unique gameplay sequences that turn basic levels into real fun.

Optimize and test your game as part of the indie game development

Optimize and test
Test your game to make sure it’s fun—and to find out what’s broken. Then, optimize the game to make sure it runs smoothly on all platforms.

Build video

Build video

The build phase happens in a game engine, like Stingray. This is where you put the basic building blocks together to make levels, create the rules of gameplay, and test the game to make sure it’s fun to play.

Meet the game makers

Build your game

With your characters and environments created in 3D, it’s time to start building your game. The Stingray game engine in Maya LT is where you build levels and create the rules for how your game works. And, you don’t need to be a programmer to use it.

Building tutorials