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Make Great Automotive Plastic Components

The use of plastics within vehicles continues to increase, due to the benefits of design styling, weight reduction and manufacturing efficiencies. Plastics represent upwards of 50% of a typical vehicle’s volume, but only accounts for approximately 10% of the total vehicle weight. Simulate during development with Digital Prototyping to explore lightweighting and ensure quality from the first mold trials.

This webinar series will provide knowledge on how Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® is helping automotive OEM’s and suppliers make great plastic components.


Vehicle lightweighting with
advanced plastics

Plastics and composites offer tremendous weight reductions. Accurate simulation is required during development to explore and validate these material benefits before production.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Explore plastic design options for weight and cost

  • Validate new molding methods like compression molding

  • Ensure quality of lightweight plastic components

  • Predict progressive failure of composite lightweight



The impact of plastics on
perceived quality

Most plastic components are visually seen and touched by the vehicle consumer. The perceived quality from the first view or touch, to years later plays a role in the brand’s value.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Optimize weld lines, sink marks and part quality
    during design

  • Digital Prototype your complete injection modeling process

  • Ensure part shrinkage or warping does not impact the
    fit and finish

  • Visualize the manufactured plastic component
    before production

Not able to attend the webinars but want the information? Sign up today, and you will receive the webinar video recording a few days after the webinar.

What are people saying?

“We have been using Autodesk Simulation Moldflow for about 10 years. Back then, it was the only sensible product on the market. Today, it is basically the standard tool for simulations.”
Beat Schiegg.
Head of R&D, forteq Nidau AG

“Autodesk Simulation Moldflow effectively eliminates the use of trial and error method by validating and optimizing the design of plastic before production. This not only improves the quality but also helps us to guide our customers in the selection of machines and in production planning.”
Director, Rheomold

“Using Autodesk Simulation Moldflow we get an accurate representation rather than an approximation. It is easy to verify problems and fix them in early development stage so that we get the right components in trial 1.”
Shrihari B. Rasal.
Asst. Manager, Minda Industries Limited