Automating the Product Development Process

Image courtesy of FS-Elliott

How four companies use technology to automate design

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Today's manufacturers are under mounting pressure to improve traditional product development processes. They are increasingly expected to deliver more complex solutions under ever-tightening schedules, regardless of expertise or business model. This report produced by Lifecycle Insights includes exclusive information from customers in manufacturing who have successfully harnessed design automation to address the competing forces of time and complexity.

What strategy will work for you?

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, companies can gain valuable guidance by looking at the different strategies for design automation including:

  • Programming sheets for automation
  • CAD applications with rules-based configuration
  • Integrated CAD-PLM solutions with rules-based automation
  • Cloud-based engineering app development platforms

Download Automating the Product Development Process to learn how manufacturers are finding meaningful ways to automate core product development processes in order to gain–and keep–competitive advantage.