Why engineers design with parametric 3D

Parametric 3D CAD can mean the difference between confusion and clarity. Elevate your development process by combining the capabilities of Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.

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Modernize your development process

The need for more agility in design and in the development process as a whole requires a modern modeling approach. Learn how you can easily incorporate design changes, get more value from your models, and reuse your existing design data by modeling in parametric 3D.

Welcome to the world of parametric 3D

3D model with annotations for model-based definition

Create models that are easily changed and understood

Designing products in 3D requires no interpretation, so you can spot potential issues early and convey your intent to stakeholders clearly. Also, because the model is driven by parameters and connected to downstream deliverables, you can make changes late in the development process with ease and watch while everything updates automatically.

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Get more from your 3D model

Once you have created your parametric 3D model, it can be used to give your development process an additional boost. Countless downstream activities—from product testing to NC programming to product configuration—can all be done faster and more accurately with a parametric 3D model.

3D model sitting on top of 2D drawing

Reuse your existing design data

Reuse your existing design files as the foundation for creating parametric 3D models of new or upgraded products. And continue to use 2D whenever it’s the right tool for the job–associative connections between software disciplines keep all your data in sync regardless of where it was created.

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Stair system modeled using design automation


From 3 projects a week to 150 projects a month

See how Viewrail expedited production of their custom stair systems by using design automation capabilities in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

“Now we’re pushing everything into 3D. It gives our engineers a framework to play with.”

–JJ Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Viewrail

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