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Do you know what’s achievable using the convenience of the cloud?

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Imagine if you could…


  • Maximize operations & business resources
  • Identify & rapidly respond to incidents
  • Streamline inspection delivery & review workflows
  • Justify risk-based decisions easily
  • Empower stakeholders to access asset information


Here are more details on our cloud solutions and resources.

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Info360 Asset

Effective condition assessment, risk management, and planning

Info360 Asset is a cloud-based application that empowers asset practitioners at utilities and municipalities to centrally:

  • Better manage costly inspection data and media
  • Use historical and current condition data to monitor and assess condition and performance of their assets
  • Build and use models of likelihood of failure (LoF) and consequence of failure (CoF) for renewal prioritization planning

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Info360 Insight

Operational intelligence for water and wastewater utilities

As a workflow cloud-based solution, Info360 Insight enables water and wastewater utilities to understand operational performance with business intelligence and quickly identify incidents in their system, check multiple resolution scenarios, and apply recommended actions to rapidly resolve system failures.

  • Improve service delivery
  • Maximize operations and business resources
  • Mitigate and manage risks

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A day in the life

Welcome to Emerald City! Let's spend a day in the life with these utility operations teams and how our cloud solutions help them to prioritize maintenance, repairs, and replacements while saving time, money ... and water.

Info360 Insight - A Day in the Life of a Water Operations Team

Step inside to see how Info360 Insight helps the Emerald Water Utility operations team to better see, manage, and predict system performance to improve service delivery for the citizens of Emerald City.

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Info360 Asset - A Day in the Life of a Sanitation District Team

See how the Emerald Utility Sanitation District uses Info360 Asset to manage inspections, maintenance, and risk for their sewage pipe system underneath a segment of railroad tracks close to downtown.

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