InfoWorks ICM Subscription

Access is now easier than ever

Access is now easier
than ever

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What is InfoWorks ICM?

An advanced integrated catchment software that models stormwater and wastewater networks to:

  • Plan for capacity improvements, system expansions, and emergency scenarios
  • Deliver easy-to-interpret visual results
  • Minimize project downtime from otherwise lengthy simulations
  • Create a truly collaborative technical workspace
  • Stay informed about forecast network response to allow flood prevention

Learn more about the subscription tiers from an Autodesk representative.

See what's possible. Here are the benefits of our new InfoWorks ICM subscription package.

  • Lower up-front costs
  • Greater flexibility to manage your license
  • More value for top-of-the-line modeling tools
  • 2 simple tiers designed to suit your needs
  • One workspace with multiple users
  • Reduction in waste with full digital licensing
  • Lower IT costs - Less complexity without the need to manage network servers or track serial numbers.

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