Plan and Manage Flood, Storm and Sewer Systems with InfoWorks ICM

Protect the environment against extreme weather conditions. Model complex network elements for stormwater and wastewater networks, and flood protection systems.

InfoWorks ICM at a Glance

InfoWorks ICM is an advanced, integrated catchment modeling software with cloud capabilities that model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly and accurately in a collaborative environment.

Hydrodynamic model photo

Model with speed, accuracy, and connectivity

Experience faster results with premium hardware and connected modeling. Create hydrodynamic models anywhere in the world with scalable, flexible, resourceful, and cloud-optimized software


Simulation data entry photo

Time-saving simulations and improved decision making

Cloud capabilities reduce project downtime with speedy simulations to help you make clear and decisive engineering decisions. Streamline model building and data entry to free up time for interpreting results

Forecast photo for stormwater and wastewater

Flood and spill risk forecast options

Gain a comprehensive understanding of stormwater and wastewater challenges and review multiple scenario results. Confidently explain water issues to the community and provide informed mitigation plans


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