When data flows, insight happens

When you combine your expertise with real-time data analytics built for your water and wastewater treatment plant, you can confidently streamline processes.

What is Info36 Plant?

Nobody knows your water plant better than you

Info360 Plant is a cloud-based operational analytics tool designed to help you improve water plant performance, compliance, and improvement planning. Switch seamlessly between data visualisation and analysis in easy-to-use dashboards to make better-informed decisions that reduce risk and enhance your level of service. 

Why use Info360 Plant?

Streamline processes

Generate one source of truth for all data sets to simplify user workflows and reduce complexity.


Improve operations and levels of service

Increase operational efficiency with data-backed insights and boost plant performance.


Automate compliance reporting

Save time and effort by automating reporting for regulatory agencies and stakeholders.


Infrastructure city scape water

Learn more about how to drive change with technology

To address global pressures and demands, utilities rely on a wide range of data sources to make important business decisions. ​And due to a lack of interoperability between applications and the overwhelmingly large quantity of information being collected, most of this data is barely glanced at—or worse, ignored altogether. Read our e-book 'Building a water data culture' to learn how utilities can use operational analytics to turn data into decisions.

Let's talk about how Info360 Plant can support you

We're ready to help you extract real business value from your water plant data. From streamlined processes and workflows and consistent compliance report generation to advanced analysis tools—Info360 Plant helps improve operational efficiency in your teams and across your facility.  

A member of our sales team will reach out soon to discuss it with you.