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How to extract maximum value from your BIM investment

Breaking down the barriers to better BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a given.

By improving accuracy and efficiency in the design phase, BIM processes increase productivity and combat shrinking profit margins. On this, the AEC industry is pretty much in agreement. Three quarters of design professionals report a positive ROI on their BIM investment, with a higher return correlated to a higher level of BIM adoption. In fact, in the US, two thirds of contractors who have very high levels of engagement with BIM report an ROI in excess of 25 percent. So how do you achieve these sorts of returns?

Benefits are even greater as BIM gets social.

Research shows that BIM could produce even greater benefits as the design team gets more collaborative. Social BIM—collaborating with external partners and suppliers—reaps greater rewards than lonely BIM—collaborating with colleagues only. Also, the way that building projects are tendered, won and completed is changing, with a greater emphasis placed on collaboration between multiple specialists from all over the globe. Social BIM is crucial to the successful delivery of these sorts of projects.

Design collaboration in the cloud.

In the era of connection, technology enables design teams to become more connected and collaborative. The cloud, for example, liberates files from in-house servers and takes communication beyond email to create a unified space where designers can collaborate in real-time. Here, data frictions can be identified earlier in the design process, enabling teams to deliver projects faster and more cost effectively. Also, having access to more information leads to better decision-making and, ultimately, better buildings.

Given this evidence, it appears to be a no brainer. Smart organizations are already social with BIM or are at least moving towards a more collaborative cloud-enabled BIM process, right? Well, not necessarily. Some hesitations still persist.

Break down the barriers to better BIM

Building Information Modeling  is known to improve accuracy and efficiency in the design phase, especially when your use is in collaborative projects.  But there’s a way to get even  more return from BIM, and that can translate to increased productivity and profit margins.  Learn more about how AEC professionals like you are making the most of their BIM investment.

Find out more.

Where does your organization stand when it comes to extracting maximum value from your BIM investment? .

Whether you’re half way there, or just setting out on this exciting journey, our guide to maximizing profit margins with design collaboration is a must read.


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