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How Dekalb County Efficiently and Accurately Models Rain-Derived Inflow and Infiltration

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How InfoWorks ICM helped Dekalb County & Jacobs Engineering spot I&I issues & resolve them.

The Quick Read:
Taking into account the effects of stormwater runoff and water meter flow, Dekalb Watershed Management partnered with Jacobs Engineering to calibrate the wet weather flows in Dekalb County’s collection system model.

The Key Objective: Dekalb and Jacobs used the GIM in InfoWorks ICM for its improved flexibility and accuracy when modeling wet-weather flows.

The most troublesome inflow and infiltration (I&I) concerns are cracks or leaks in the system and illicit water hookups by homeowners in the area. With InfoWorks ICM, Dekalb and Jacobs were able to see where the worst I&I problems were located and resolve them.