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Better design coordination on your healthcare project

Deliver optimized designs and documentation faster

On a complex project like a healthcare facility, your success depends on clear and early communication with the designers and other teams.

A lack of clear direction and expectations can lead to client dissatisfaction and rework. Autodesk’s software tools solve these challenges by helping consulting engineers receive design details sooner in the process, improve collaboration with stakeholders, automate documentation, and produce more constructible designs. 

Autodesk powers healthcare building projects around the world

Expanding healthcare capacity in Haiti

From site grading and construction to internal communications and design iterations, every stage of the Saint Rock Hospital project benefited from and was made possible by Autodesk software and the AEC Collection.

BIM helps convert a healthcare building to respond to COVID-19

Drawings, photos, and current conditions of construction were clearly documented so the transition team could make rapid decisions to support the change of use and the emergency construction.

Guide your project to success


    Share one common data and analysis platform with all teams (design, construction, client) to deliver more accurate calculations and engineering plans the first time.


    Gain real-time access to insights on all aspects of the project, so your team isn’t delayed waiting for completed designs from the architects.


    Shift the burden of routine and non-creative tasks to your software so you can focus on delivering engineering plans that exceed the client’s expectations.

From design through construction

Autodesk’s software tools create a single source of truth and collaboration for all teams on your building project. 


    Improve communication with the architect and other teams—to reduce confusion that can lead to rework.


    Create a common data environment that allows you to resolve challenges sooner and speed system design time.


    Stay connected to all project teams at every stage of the process, to minimize errors and the need for rework.

Autodesk tools to help you manage your project

  • BIM Collaborate

    Deliver better projects, faster, with collaboration software that connects your teams, data, and workflows.

  • AEC Collection

    Leverage a suite of BIM and CAD tools to improve every stage of your project, from early design through construction.

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud

    Create a common data environment for all teams on your project—to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profit.

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