GE Global Research: Innovation in Manufacturing Presentation

Sponsor: Matteo Bellucci, Tech Innovation Leader at GE Renewable Energy

DATE: 06/15/2021 | TIME: 11:00AM - 1:00PM EST

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Please join us for a discussion on Innovation in Manufacturing.  We have gathered subject matter and industry experts, consultants, and researchers on CAM, Additive, Simulation, Digital Twin, Automation, Optimization, and Generative Design.  The format will consist of a short talk on each of the below topics followed by a live Q&A session. 

We are looking forward to having you!


Introductions - Matthew Lycke

DED Robotic Hybrid Manufacturing - Michael Grenier & Lewis Gilday

  • Learn how to program and simulate robotic tool paths for laying down large format additive material with a welding head. This process can be prone to distortion, Autodesk products allow you to simulate and compensate for distortion effects.

Fatigue Optimization with Generative Design - Divy Kishor Tiwary

  • This presentation showcases how new Generative Design methods enable you to design for life i.e. structural loads and number of times these occur over the life of the part by using the Paris crack law theory to design for damage tolerance.

Additive Digital Twin Workflow with Material Data - Divy Kishor Tiwary

  • Learn how to use the digital twin model to drive Generative Design. Material properties are not uniform across parts (specifically for additively manufactured outcomes). Industry currently assumes uniform material properties. It is an inherent limitation in all analysis approaches that has only recently been possible to overcome. 

Electronics Design & Cooling Simulation – Jorge Garcia & James Neville

  • Learn how to leverage Fusion 360 to design functional electronics and visualize temperatures and air movement within electronics assemblies. Geometry is used as-is, without geometric simplification or modification and no simulation experience is required. Integration with Fusion Electronics Design allows for setup automation and seamless workflows.

Automated Advanced Manufacturing Workflow – Lewis Gilday

  • Connect your Design and Manufacturing Data throughout your workflow for decreased time to market, reduce cost of parts, and increased real time virtual collaboration.

Generative Design Cooling Channels for Molds - Matt Jaworski

  • Learn how companies today are using Autodesk generatively designed mold cooling channels to reduce injection molding cycle times thus increasing production output.

[CLASSIFIED] Project Monaco: Manufacturing of a Large-Scale AM Component – Nick Markovic

  • Making a Leaner, Cleaner, and Greener Aircraft

Q&A - All


Michael Grenier

Subtractive Manufacturing Subject Matter Expert

Michael Grenier joined Autodesk through the Delcam acquisition a 6 years ago and has been focusing on advanced manufacturing products for 18 years helping to MAKE the impossible and reduce the cost of goods sold.

Lewis Gilday

Additive Manufacturing Subject Matter Expert

Lewis Gilday has over 10 years of experience advanced manufacturing. He has focused on helping industry experts with their additive, subtractive, and hybrid processes, maximizing their value from the Autodesk MAKE portfolio.

Divy Kishor Tiwary

Implementation Consultant

Divy Kishor Tiwary holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, and Design from the National University of Singapore. He is an Autodesk Certified Expert in Generative Design for Manufacturing.

Jorge Garcia

Fusion 360 Electronics Community Manager

Jorge Garcia is a Community Manager for Fusion 360 Electronics/EAGLE. I have been working with EAGLE for close to 10 years. I earned my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University in 2008. He loves electronics and building projects focusing on power and control applications.

James Neville

Subject Matter Expert in Generative Design and Simulation

James Neville Principal Consultant at Autodesk. He specializes in Generative Design and Simulation technologies with over 16 years of industry experience. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State university.

Matt Jaworski

Senior Subject Matter Expert Plastics

Matt Jaworski is a Senior Subject Matter Expert for the injection molding CAE simulation field with 25 years of experience. He has dual BS degrees in Mechanical and Plastics Engineering Technology from Penn State, and MS, PhD degrees in Plastics Engineering from UMass Lowell.

Nick Markovic

Senior Technical Researcher

Nick Markovic is a Senior Technical Researcher at Autodesk Research. He is a specialist in CAE, design and multi-physics optimization on aerospace components. He is currently managing Project MOnACO R&D programme (3D metal printing the world’s biggest jet engine component) Nick’s current research focus is creating a digital twin on a product by commissioning it virtually before manufacture begins.