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Take advantage of connected design and manufacturing.


All of us at Fusion 360 are proud to announce our partnership with Formlabs. Get the best of Fusion 360 and Formlabs. Create designs for additive manufacturing, set up manufacturing data, and print via PreForm seamlessly.

Every Formlabs machine, supported

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Form Series

Setup prints, create custom support structures, and generate PreForm files direct from Fusion 360. Maintain associativity between design and manufacturing data without any extra steps!

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Fuse 1

Working in SLS? Design, and quick pack in 3D for Fuse 1 all in Fusion 360. Export ".form" files from Fusion 360 to print using PreForm without additional setup, while also benefitting from associative design and manufacturing data! 

Learn how it works

Get the most out of Fusion 360 and Formlabs with these handy guides

  • DfAM guide

    Get up to speed with how to Design for Additive Manufacturing with this handy guide from Formlabs

  • Fusion 360 tips from Formlabs

    Read more about our partnership with Formlabs from their perspective right here. Claim your free sample part at the link below


    Check back regularly for scheduled Additive Manufacturing webinars hosted by Autodesk experts

Model, Orient, Pack & Support

With Fusion 360 you can design your parts, prepare 3D prints, along with supports, to send over to PreForm for slicing and printing. Take advantage of associative design and print preparation to expedite your additive manufacturing.

Prep and pack for SLS

With Fusion 360 you can design your parts, quick pack within the Fuse 1 build volume, and export ready to print PreForm files for your Fuse 1. Benefit from associative design & manufacturing data while optimizing use of your Fuse 1.

Send Data to PreForm

Scale prototyping and production as your business grows with Formlabs SLA machines. Take advantage of affordable, industrial-quality 3D printers that consistently deliver.

Get more control with design and manufacture in one place

With Fusion 360, you're able to design, document, simulate, and prepare data for manufacturing all in one product. Centralize your data so your whole team can work from the same, always up to date files. With Fusion 360's dedicated manufacturing workspace, you can create associative design and manufacture data.

"After having used a variety of other CAD programs, we found Fusion 360 to be the best fit for our needs. The user interface is optimized to just intuitively make sense."

- Curtis Kennedy, CEO of Vertiball

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Fusion 360 has multiple capabilities, it covers several steps in our process. It’s able to take in our sizing measurements from patients, and build a patient-specific model and mold for our device utilizing parametric modeling.

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