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Step into the next chapter of your manufacturing journey, with the leading cloud manufacturing software designed for modern manufacturers.

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Features Tailored for Tomorrow

Autodesk Fusion Operations delivers streamlined visual workflows and maximized productivity through real-time monitoring. As part of Autodesk's manufacturing platform, Fusion Operations is part of a leading solution that extends beyond the shop floor into the entire design and make value chain.

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Why Choose Autodesk Fusion Operations?

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Cloud-Powered Efficiency

Access real-time data, streamline processes, and optimize resource planning, all from the cloud. Experience the flexibility and scalability that only a cloud manufacturing software can offer.

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Boost Manufacturing Throughput

Leverage Autodesk Fusion Operations to monitor production schedules, manage inventory, and increase throughput. Make every second count.

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Optimized Resource Planning

Centralize your resource planning with Autodesk Fusion Operations. From people to machine runtime, ensure maximum utilization and align with the latest manufacturing methodologies.

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Agile Manufacturing

Respond swiftly to market demands. Customize products rapidly and ensure agile manufacturing processes with Autodesk Fusion Operations insights and tools.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software solution to automate and digitize manufacturing processes. Manage, monitor, and track the transformation of raw materials into finished products in real-time. Gain insight into manufacturing operations to see how to improve performance, lower costs and increase production efficiency.

Can MES and ERP systems work together?

Autodesk Fusion Operations brings together MES and ERP capabilities, consolidating the number of tools used, streamlining your workflow to require fewer tools, and enabling communication of relevant information back and forth.

Who uses Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)?

Autodesk Fusion Operations is a multi-capable tool, used by manufacturing engineers, production managers, quality managers, fulfilment, and shop floor fabricators.