Integrated CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software.


Discover the power of Fusion 360 and make your product development process agile with optimized part design, additive manufacturing, multiaxis machining, generative design, and much more.

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Agility and creativity at hand

Fusion ushers in a world of new possibilities for the automotive industry as they need new ways to save cost and time, and as they need to innovate throughout the complete value chain. Start thinking outside the box with this creative and smart solution that makes lean manufacturing a reality.

Collaborative and easy to use 

With its intuitive user interface, Fusion is easy to use and reduces the time spent on manual work.

Any number of design iterations – fast 

Thanks to the virtually unlimited resources of the cloud, you can run as many design iterations as you wish.

Cost reduction thanks to AI

Reduce the impact of design, engineering, and PCB changes and ensure manufacturability with simulation and generative design tools.

Integration with other engineering systems

Once you finish on design exploration, easily export your models to other CAD and PLM systems for further processing.

The solution to your individual requirements

Fusion 360 can be used across the entire value chain. Find out what it can do for you: 

  • Engineering
  • Costing
  • Production


The incremental improvement of existing designs is time-consuming and labor-intensive, leaving little room for trying new things. Validating manual iterations takes a lot of time, and it is difficult to track whether they are within the acceptable cost corridor.

Fusion 360 can help you solve engineering challenges faster:

  • Run 100 design iterations as quickly as just one
  • Design a product in a single day
  • Reduce your engineering time by 75%


Traditionally, deciding whether an alternative concept is in the target price corridor takes months of value analysis and value engineering. Given time constraints and the workload this involves for a single component, only a few variants can be selected for further development.

Using Fusion 360 as an analysis tool, you can discover where the potential lies for generative design to optimize production times, material costs, and more:

  • Estimate product costs in real time
  • Get instant price and lead-time quotations thanks to add-ins like A priori and Xometry
  • Get rapid feedback on your individual targets


Custom fixtures for complex assembly lines come with high prices and long lead times for delivery. These production tools also leave engineers dependent on their suppliers. Fusion helps to save costs, reduce delivery times, and increase supply chain efficiency.

Fusion 360 offers an end-to-end workflow for direct 3D printing:

  • Design, simulate, and convert required tooling to 3D printed parts (popular printers supported)
  • Tailor your tooling to meet your manufacturing needs
  • Avoid long-drawn-out tendering processes
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    Access all capabilities and features with integrated CAD, CAM, CAE, additive manufacturing, and PCB software.


How innovative companies already use Fusion 360

  • KMP Motorsports

    KMP Motorsports uses Fusion 360 as an all-in-one solution to design and produce parts in-house in order to respond very quickly to their customers.

  • Fabric

    Fabric is using Fusion 360 to speed up its product development process as it brings award-winning cycling products to market.

  • Lightning Motorcycle

    How Lightning produced a part-consolidation and lightweighting workflow that saved 30% of target component mass.

  • Hyundai Motor Group

    Using generative design technology, Hyundai Motor Group is pushing the boundaries of vehicle development and reimagining mobility.

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