Just announced! The Signal Integrity Extension will be available in Fusion 360 on 11/29/22.


Make reliable products with the Signal Integrity Extension

Autodesk Fusion 360 and Ansys simulation technology have come together to streamline PCB design, schematics, and layout.

What is the Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension?

The Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension, powered by Ansys, expands the Fusion 360 PCB design workflow by giving product designers and engineers access to electromagnetic analysis capabilities that allow them to inspect and resolve issues with PCB signal performance early in the design phase.

The easy-to-use interface, as part of the Fusion 360 PCB design process, provides visual superimposed color-coded overlay on a 2D PCB for quick feedback on design changes to help improve product compliance and performance, reduce costly physical PCB testing and prototyping, and accelerate development.

Benefits of the Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension

  • Make reliable products

    Discover how to ensure your high-speed Printed Circuit Boards meet your design specs and are compliant with industry standards.

  • Accelerate development cycle

    Improve your product development process by mitigating electromagnetic performance issues early in the PCB design workflow.

  • Lower physical testing costs

    Minimize costly physical PCB testing and board re-spins with insights into your design’s electromagnetic performance.

Signal Integrity Extension features

Reduce coupling

Analyze your design signals within your board to identify potential coupling issues and resolve them quickly.

Easy configuration

With simple input parameters and configuration, engineers can select signals of interest for quick analysis

Impedance matching

Manage and control the impedance for every critical signal throughout your board for an optimal high speed design performance

Visual violation flagging

Easily and visually identify any potential impedance or coupling issues with a superimposed color-coded overlay on your 2D PCB design

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension is a simulation service powered by Ansys technology that provides insights into the PCB design impacts on performance through information around signal length, impedance, inductance, resistance, delay and more.

The launch date of the Signal Integrity Extension is November 29, 2022.

The Signal Integrity Extension is available wherever Fusion 360 is sold and is offered as monthly and annual subscription terms.

Yes, a trial will be available at launch just like there is today with other extensions for Fusion 360. 

The Signal Integrity Extension, developed by Autodesk and powered by Ansys technology, provides the ability to inspect and resolve issues with signal performance as an embedded part of the PCB design workflow and within the same CAD program.

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