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Fusion 360 | Manufacturing Departments

Maximize your CNC machine uptime to deliver better quality parts faster

As your manufacturing business grows in size and capability you'll naturally demand more of your people and CNC machining hardware. Choosing the right manufacturing software is crucial to allowing your team to collaborate effectively, make better use of your resources, and manage costs. Succeed here and you can bring higher quality products to market faster and unlock next-generation technology to secure your success in the future.  

Daily challenges for manufacturing teams

Successful manufacturers must overcome a range of daily challenges in order to succeed.

  • Reducing Delivery Times

    Manufacturing departments must find ways to compress delivery times by embracing automation to reduce CAM programming time, as well as simulating the machining process to avoid costly mistakes or delays on the shop floor.

  • Fully using CNC machines

    Investing in more expensive and capable CNC machines enables the production of higher-value parts, but only when combined with advanced manufacturing software that can maximize machine productivity and spindle up-time. 

  • Improving part quality

    Modern 3- and 5-axis CNC machines can achieve extreme levels of precision and surface finish, but this is only possible if they're given high-quality NC code that is optimized to suit the machine as well as being gouge and collision-free.

  • Filling the Skills Gap

    Training workers is a challenge across industries. Finding ways to share the skills of your most talented workers with new and existing team members helps them to adopt best practices, become more productive sooner, and improve consistency.

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What is advanced manufacturing software?

Typical Manufacturing Processes

To succeed, your manufacturing department must master a range of different technologies and processes, ranging from simple 2D machining and hole drilling to more advanced processes such as complex 5-axis surface milling, and in-cycle measurements for quality control. 

What is manufacturing software?

Manufacturing software is used to machine, print, inspect, simulate, and fabricate parts. The software can virtually simulate the manufacturing processes and then export files to control machines to run the actual production process.

What is advanced manufacturing software?

Advanced manufacturing software goes beyond simple 2D machining operations to provide more capable toolpath strategies and controls that generate safe and efficient NC machining code to drive more expensive and demanding CNC machinery. 

Unlock the manufacturing tools you need today

Fusion 360 provides flexible and cost-effective access to powerful CNC machining capabilities to help your manufacturing department to succeed. 

  • Advanced Automation

    Automate the most common CAM programming processes to start CNC machining sooner. Embed your manufacturing expertise into user-defined templates to automate hole drilling and more. Share best practices across your team to reduce CAM programming times, improve consistency, and reduce delivery times.


  • Associative CAD/CAM

    Access full associativity between your CAD and CAM data to simplify CAM programming and reduce your team's workload. Fusion 360 uses AnyCAD technology to link your CAM processes to CAD data, meaning changes made to the original design can automatically update your CAM toolpaths, saving time and money.


  • Multi-axis CNC machining

    Unlock the full potential of your 4- and 5-axis CNC machines to manufacture complex, higher-value parts. Produce parts using fewer setups, reducing the cost of fixturing. Access advanced controls to help create safe, collision-free machine motion using a vast library of free, customizable post-processors.


  • Data and cloud collaboration

    Fusion 360 connects to the cloud to allow teams to collaborate regardless of whether they're sat in the same office, working from home, or based thousands of miles away. Share secure links to your live project data and allow critical business decisions to be made at the right time, by the right people.


  • Improved quality and accuracy

    Improve the precision and quality of CNC machined parts with intelligent machining strategies such as Steep & Shallow. Achieve better levels of surface finish and precision using fewer toolpaths to reduce CAM programming time, minimize manual polishing, and remove the need for costly re-work.


  • In-cycle process control

    In-cycle inspection can be used to monitor and control your CNC machining processes. Use a spindle-mounted probe to shorten part setup times by up to 90%. Monitor part quality throughout the machining process to catch and avoid non-conformance, increase yield, and reduce waste.


Future proof your business with next-generation technologies

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is changing how we design and make parts but it's also enabling manufacturing departments to make fixtures, tools, and spare parts, as and when needed, resulting in greater flexibility and shorter delivery times. 

Generative Design

Use artificial intelligence to rapidly generate multiple designs based on real-world manufacturing constraints. Define materials, loads, and performance constraints then explore the cost of different methods of manufacture. 


Test designs early in the manufacturing process and ensure they will survive real-world conditions. Choose from a range of mechanical, thermal, and event-based studies. Validate displacement, stress, failure modes, and more. 

Learn more in this on-demand deep dive into Fusion 360

See how Fusion 360 gives manufacturing engineers, CAM programmers, and CNC machine operators the tools to make better use of their 3- and 5-axis CNC machinery to produce high quality parts more efficiently. 

Customer stories

MJK Performance

A specialty motorcycle parts manufacturer uses generative design to go from demo to full-scale production.

Additional customer stories

Saunders Machine Works

CNC job shop, which also runs the popular "NYC CNC" YouTube channel, uses Fusion 360's integrated CAD/CAM functionality for all its machining needs.


US-based micromachining experts use Fusion 360 to collaborate with customers to rapidly develop prototype parts as thin as a piece of paper.

Let's talk about your manufacturing needs

Want to learn more about adding Fusion 360 to your manufacturing department? Sign up for a free consultation with our technical experts.

Review how Fusion 360 can help your manufacturing team be more productive today, and how Fusion 360 can support your business as it innovates and grows in future. 

Speak with our team of technical sales experts now by calling 1-833-8433-437


“The integrated CAD/CAM functionality is fantastic. The ability to draw a part, program the CNC machines, and then make revisions to the part without re-importing the file and losing all my work is great.”

Nick Polansky | P3D Creations | Florida, US