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Getting started with Autodesk Forge (2 days workshop)

Date: April 28th & 29th | Wednesday & Thursday
Time: 8:30am IST (GMT+5.30) / 11am SGT (GMT+8) / 2pm ACT (GMT+11)
Duration: 4 hours per day with session breaks

Forge is a cloud-based developer platform offering APIs and services that help you in accessing and using your design and engineering data via the cloud. Whether you want to automate processes, connect teams and workflows, or visualize your data – you can now create those applications and much more using Forge APIs.

If you are interested to learn more on creating Forge apps or enhancing your Forge expertise, you must not must the virtual Forge developer hands-on workshop coming in April. It is a good refresher course which we will cover Forge OSS, Model Derivative, Design Automation and more in 2 days.

Day One:

  • Forge Intro
  • Forge OSS
  • Forge Model Derivative/Viewer
  • Hands-on workshop

Day Two:

  • Forge Design Automation
  • Basic BIM 360 workflow
  • Hands-on Workshop

Key learnings:

  • Create your own website from scratch;
  • Learn high level design about web, which helps in daily business communication;
  • Learn about oAuth technology, which is backbone of Forge;
  • Learn about different Rest clients like Insomnia or postman;
  • Learn about hosting your applications on Azure or AWS.

As we have limited seats to manage the hands-on workshop better, please register soon to avoid disappointment. We will issue certificate of attendance for those completed 2 days.

Meet our trainer:

Madhukar Moogala

Forge Developer Advocate at Autodesk


A technology agnostic, constant learner, and a Forge advocate who works primarily on AutoCAD and Forge Design Automation using both desktop and cloud programming techniques. He has been with Autodesk since 2013, started his career as C++ programmer, explored everything that has come in his way be it Lisp or Wix, passionate about modern technologies and loves troubleshooting