The future of work

Discover modern ways to teach CAD/CAM and engineering concepts

Cutting-edge industry trends and innovation are revealing the limits of current education programs and curricula. Learn the new skills employers are now looking for and how you can take incremental steps to close the skills gap, update your curricula, and prepare your students for the modern workforce.

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Enrich your curriculum without a heavy lift

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In this workshop, you will learn about industry trends and innovations that will shape the jobs of tomorrow. Leverage your instructor’s years of experience both as academic and commercial industry practitioners to make the connection between what students are learning in the classroom and what skills companies are looking for, and what opportunities the future will bring. Your instructor will walk you through specific aspects of Fusion 360 software that will be most applicable to your course and help you identify projects and content that can augment your existing curriculum.

In these sessions, led by Autodesk Certified Instructors, you will uncover areas of opportunity for new content and workflows. After the workshop, you'll come away with:

  • Research-based insights into the evolution of the manufacturing sector, and how students should prepare for the future of work and next-generation workflows
  • An understanding of Fusion 360 software and its unique capabilities across CAD/CAM/ECAD, including cloud-based collaboration features and advanced features like generative design
  • Ways to use specific, existing high-quality content, such as lesson videos and projects that are designed to be plug-and-play, in your course syllabi
  • A partner who will share insights from educators across the country and work with you to enhance your courses, leveraging new strategies and opportunities

This isn't a software demo or sales pitch. Based on your classroom objectives and what you're already doing, the workshop will show you how to take advantage of Fusion 360's capabilities and in-depth learning content. The workshops are designed to help you take incremental steps to update your curriculum and make significant impacts. These great resources, the Fusion 360 software, the course content, and the workshop are free.

The workshop is available to post-secondary engineering, manufacturing or machining educators in the US, UK, IN, DE, and JP. Requests are subject to availability which is determined by Autodesk. Workshops may be tailored to the extent offered by the applicable Autodesk Learning Partner.