Prepare your students for jobs of the future

80% of the skill sets from the last 50 years can now be done—better, faster, cheaper—by machines. 65% of the children who started elementary school in 2018 will work in jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. Are you giving your students the skills they need to succeed? What are those skills? Download this report to find out.

30% of the middleskilled labor pool will be displaced by automation by 2030.

You can’t train tomorrow’s makers with yesterday’s playbook

Technology is evolving rapidly, so students stepping into the job market with yesterday's skills will find themselves at a disadvantage when entering the job market. This report is your roadmap to a successful future for you and your students. You’ll find out how to:

  • Modify your curriculum to keep up with world-changing developments
  • Engage with industry, hear their needs, and deliver the employees they’re asking for
  • Make your students ready for Day One on the job with more collaboration and employability skills

Get your students ready for the jobs that will exist. Download the report today.