One student built a stronger, lighter robot with generative design, won a competition, and then got a job!

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Generative design leads to a competition win and a job

Faced with the challenge of improving performance of a critical stabilizer mount for the RoboMaster Competition, South China University of Technology student Zhen-Po Yang turned to generative design tools in Autodesk® Fusion 360® for a solution. Zhen-Po began with an aluminum alloy and glass fiber plate CNC machine design consisting of 27 parts. Using generative design, Zhen-Po was able to iterate weight conditions, materials, and processing methods to ensure the best performance. The final mount consisted of a single part and cost 80 percent less to produce than the original design. This reduced material waste, increased strength, and the lighter weight gave their robot a faster response to signals and movement. Zhen-Po’s innovative approach and impressive results caught the attention of RoboMaster’s organizer, DJI, an electronics manufacturer in China. Upon graduation, Zhen-Po was offered a job at DJI in their Research & Development department, where he continues to champion generative design for their portfolio of products.

Why Fusion 360?

Autodesk Fusion 360 is the only tool that unifies design, engineering, and manufacturing into a single cloud-based platform.

DESIGN. Quickly iterate on design ideas with sculpting tools to explore form and modeling tools to create finishing features.
MANUFACTURING. Create toolpaths to machine your components or use 3D printing workflows to create a prototype.
ENGINEERING. Test fit and motion, perform simulations, create assemblies, and make photorealistic renderings and animations.

Accelerate your ideas and turn your concepts into products with a single solution. Fusion 360 is available for Mac and PC.

What will you do with generative design?


    Reduce the overall number of parts and components, without compromising strength.


    Maximize components by using the least amount of material to make the part as effective as possible.


    Design parts and components that are not only stronger, but are impossible to make with traditional manufacturing techniques.

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