Webinar Series

Level Up with Tinkercad

Wherever you are in your Tinkercad journey, you can level up! Guest experts Netia McCray, Darin Hughes, and Guillermo Melantoni join host Kellyanne Mahoney to demonstrate how to start with, teach with, or graduate from Tinkercad.

  • Level 1: We'll demonstrate how to start using Tinkercad and Tinkercad Lesson Plans.
  • Level 2: We'll explain how to tap into your classroom superpowers with Tinkercad Classrooms
  • Level 3: We'll walk through 3D design projects you can take from Tinkercad to Fusion 360.

Please join us for one hour of PD on Thursday, October 28th at 4pm Pacific Time. 

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Meet the Speakers

image of Netia McCray

Netia McCray

Founder and Executive Director of Mbadika

Netia McCray is the Founder and Executive Director of Mbadika (bah-GEE-kah), a Boston-based non-profit that develops and teaches learners of all ages interested in bringing their ideas to reality, with a focus on electronics, computer-aided design, 3D-printing, fabrication, and coding. Dubbed "the Real Life Ms. Frizzle", Netia has dedicated her life to developing the dreamers and doers of the impossible through STEM.

Image of Guillermo Melantoni

Guillermo Melantoni

Head of Tinkercad, Product Line Manager at Autodesk

Guillermo Melantoni is the Product Line Manager for Fusion 360 and Head of Tinkercad. An architect by training, Guillermo has worked as a consultant and professor of architecture in Uruguay. Since 2006, Guillermo has worked on leading Autodesk products including AutoCAD, Autodesk Suites, the 123D line, Meshmixer, Tinkercad, and Fusion 360.

Image of Kellyanne Mahoney

Kellyanne Mahoney

Youth Program Specialist at Autodesk

Kellyanne Mahoney is a National Board Certified Teacher, former educator of 13 years with Boston Public Schools, and Youth Program Specialist at Autodesk. Kellyanne uses design thinking to bridge the problems faced in schools with the problem of creating equitable onramps into the innovation economy for students.

Image of Darin Hughes

Darin Hughes

Principal UX Designer at Autodesk

Darin Hughes has spent over two decades designing cutting-edge Autodesk products from Media and Entertainment to Consumer and Education. Today, Darin is the User Experience Designer for Tinkercad. A lifelong creative, maker, and tinkerer, he is always looking for ways to give Tinkercad more superpowers while keeping the product fun and easy to learn for anyone.